Welcome to the home of the Rhythm & Rhymes Adolescent Program (RRAP) in Australia.

We are excited to introduce the first hip-hop therapy program in NSW for adolescents and at-risk youth.

What is Hip-Hop Therapy?

Rap Therapy was founded in 2000 by Don Elligan who used rap music and the hip-hop culture to explore issues young people were facing.

Since then, the evolution of rap and hip-hop therapy has spread worldwide with several programs in the U.S.A and U.K targeting schools, at-risk youth, and incarcerated youth, to connect with young people. 

No doubt there has been some stigma related to rap however rap music and the hip-hop culture has found to have many benefits including improvements in mood and anxiety, coping, connectedness, self-identity, engagement, self-esteem, and it is a safe and non-invasive way to investigate emotional issues using a contemporary group work model which is different to traditional counselling. ​

Hip-Hop therapy uses hip-hop music in a group setting to work through issues such as: 

- Healthy and unhealthy relationships
- Family problems
- Drug & alcohol use
- Crime
- Resilience
- Trauma
- Depression and anxiety
- Domestic violence
- Bullying 
- Coping strategies
- Anger management
- Identity and culture
- Literacy development & more

How long is the program and who can attend?

  • The Rhythm & Rhymes Program runs weekly for 12 weeks and is open to young people
  • Each session is 2 hours
  • Group numbers are limited
  • No musical talent is required to attend our hip-hop therapy program​

Each week, we explore different psychosocial themes using rap music and songwriting. We discuss the themes and participants will then be asked to write their own rap song which they can record. We have local Sydney rap artists who volunteer to help out with songwriting and group facilitation. 

You will need to bring a basic journal or notepad with you as all participants will be using their journals during the course of the program to write their lyrics and reflect on themes presented. 

With a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, there is no fee.  

​If you would like to know more information, please contact the Program Director at rhythmandrhymesprogram@gmail.com​


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